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Arrived in the Mainstream – Newsweek also reports positively about Bitcoin

The well-known weekly magazine reviews the cryptocurrency positively in the current issue.

Newsweek, one of America’s most influential weekly magazines, has spoken positively about Bitcoin (BTC) in a new article, discussing whether the market-leading cryptocurrency may usher in the new gold standard.

Wednesday’s article reviews the thesis of Bitcoin as digital gold, citing a calculation model from investment bank JPMorgan that issues a price target of up to $146,000. Although the article does not provide any new information for long-time crypto fans, it is at least a confirmation that the perception of Bitcoin in the mass media and among the general public has now turned significantly to the positive.

„Everything that glitters is not gold, but perhaps Bitcoin,“ as author Scott Reeves writes accordingly in his article. To that effect, he adds, „In the long run, it could be even more valuable.“

This, then, is the picture that Newsweek’s readership, which numbers in the millions, is getting. Many readers are likely coming into contact with the cryptocurrency for the first time, which makes this positive first impression all the more important.

Earlier this week, Bitcoin Circuit was already on the front page of the Financial Times, ironically on the very twelfth „birthday“ of the first Bitcoin blockchain, which also illustrates that the public is no longer ignoring the cryptocurrency.

Perhaps for this reason, more and more investors are flocking to the market, which can be seen from the fact that the number of new wallet addresses has abruptly gone up.

Crypto podcaster Peter McCormack believes these investors have long-term intentions, and are likely looking to invest for the next three to five years. Sonny Singh, the COO of BitPay, agrees with this assessment, but worries that a further upswing in Bitcoin could lead to some institutional investors booking out partial profits, causing a reversal.

The development of Google searches for Bitcoin indicates that more and more private investors are probably getting „gateway panic“ (FOMO), which could further fuel the price, at least in the short term.

Searches on the word „Bitcoin“ during the current run-up are still low compared to the hype of 2017, which suggests that there is still room for improvement at the moment.

However, it remains unclear whether the general public’s understanding of Bitcoin has changed or whether the renewed interest is merely due to the rapid price increase. Regardless of what ultimately emerges, the added value of Bitcoin is no longer known only to a few.

Analyse des prix de Bitcoin SV : BSV/USD manque de dynamisme ; les échanges sont inférieurs à 180

Analyse des prix de la BSV – 30 décembre

Le BSV/USD affiche actuellement une croissance globale, la pièce s’échangeant dans le cadre du mouvement latéral.
Marché de la BSV/USD

  • Niveaux clés :
  • Niveaux de résistance : 185 $, 190 $, 195
  • Niveaux de soutien : 150 $, 145 $, 140
    BSVUSD – Graphique quotidien

La BSV/USD s’échange autour des moyennes mobiles de 9 et 21 jours avec une dynamique quotidienne à la hausse pour le moment. Il semble que la pièce soit sur le point de répondre à son désir, car les opérateurs s’attendent à un plus grand succès sur le marché prochainement. De plus, comme le RSI (14) se déplace au-dessus du niveau 45, si la pièce se déplace avec un élan similaire, il ne sera pas difficile d’atteindre un niveau plus élevé.

À quoi s’attendre de Bitcoin SV

Le graphique quotidien révèle que le BSV/USD teste le MA de 9 jours à 168 $. Si le marché recule cette fois-ci et passe en dessous des moyennes mobiles, le prix de la BSV pourrait probablement atteindre les supports de 150, 145 et 140 dollars. Cependant, si les taureaux poussent le prix au-dessus des moyennes mobiles et franchissent la limite supérieure du canal, une hausse peut porter la pièce aux niveaux de résistance de 185, 190 et 195 dollars.

Marché BSV/BTC : Consolidation à la baisse

En comparaison avec le Bitcoin, la paire suit un mouvement baissier car le marché continue de connaître une tendance à la baisse vers le bas quotidien à 5000 support SAT. De même, le RSI (14) est extrêmement mobile dans la région de survente, ce qui confirme la domination continue des vendeurs sur le marché.

BSVBTC – Graphique quotidien

Toutefois, si les taureaux se regroupent et dynamisent le marché, le prix peut dépasser les moyennes mobiles de 9 et 21 jours et se rapprocher de la limite supérieure du canal. De plus, si une rupture se produit, les traders peuvent s’attendre à une résistance immédiate à partir de 7400 SAT. En dessous du canal, les supports clés se situent à 4500 SAT et en dessous.

MicroStrategy tätigt den dritten großen BTC-Kauf in diesem Jahr

MicroStrategy erweist sich als die wichtigste Bitcoin-Drehscheibe des Jahres. Als institutioneller Investor hat das Unternehmen seine Liebe und seinen Respekt für Bitcoin recht offen geäußert, die es nun dank des kürzlichen Kaufs zusätzlicher Bitcoin-Einheiten über den Preis von 19.000 US-Dollar hinaus auf ein ganz neues Niveau hebt.

MicroStrategy zeigt der Welt, wie sehr sie BTC liebt

In der Vergangenheit hat MicroStrategy Bitcoin bei zwei verschiedenen Gelegenheiten gekauft. Beide fanden im Jahr 2020 statt. Das erste Mal war im August, als Bitcoin im mittleren Bereich von 11.000 US-Dollar lag. Die Währung schoss innerhalb einer Woche oder so nach dem Kauf um mehr als 300 Dollar in die Höhe, was auf den ersten Blick nicht viel erscheinen mag.

Der Kauf selbst war jedoch bedeutend, wenn man bedenkt, dass das Unternehmen die weltweit führende digitale Währung im Wert von mehr als 250 Millionen Dollar nach Marktkapitalisierung gekauft hatte. Somit schossen diese 250 Millionen Dollar in die Höhe und erhöhten den Nettowert des Unternehmens um mehr als 100 Millionen Dollar. Somit erwies sich der Kauf von Bitcoin für den institutionellen Akteur bereits als lohnend.

MicroStrategy bewies jedoch, dass es noch nicht bereit war, auszusteigen, und trotz eines starken Rückgangs um mehr als 1.000 Dollar einen Monat später kaufte MicroStrategy im September weitere 175 Millionen Dollar in BTC-Einheiten, wodurch sich die Bitcoin-Gesamtsumme auf mehr als 400 Millionen Dollar erhöhte, was in etwa dem Betrag entspricht, der 2014 an der Mt.

Dies erwies sich als ein großes Glücksspiel, da der September für den Vermögenswert ein relativ bärisches Verhalten zeigte, aber die Dinge entwickelten sich schließlich so, dass Bitcoin zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Artikels für weit über 19.000 Dollar gehandelt wird, was bedeutet, dass MicroStrategy mit jeder Bitcoin-Einheit, die es vor drei Monaten gekauft hat, etwa 9.000 Dollar verdient hat.

Zweifellos hat das Unternehmen mit seinen Bitcoin-basierten Entscheidungen viel Geld verdient, und jetzt hat es etwa 50 Millionen Dollar an neuer BTC gekauft, was bedeutet, dass es jetzt fast eine halbe Milliarde Bitcoin besitzt. Es ist einer der größten Bitcoin-Halter da draußen, und die Chancen stehen gut, dass es nicht darauf aus ist, in nächster Zeit aufzuhören.

Immerhin ist der CEO des Unternehmens, Michael Saylor, wiederholt erschienen, um den Menschen zu sagen, wie stabil Bitcoin ist, und dass er ihm weit mehr vertraut als Standard-Bargeld und Gold.

Noch mehr BTC in seinem Versteck

Wenn man bedenkt, wie hoch die Bitcoin zur Zeit der Drucklegung ist, setzt das Unternehmen wahrscheinlich auch auf die Idee, dass die Währung in den kommenden Monaten wieder stark ansteigen wird. Michael Saylor gab die Nachricht in einem Tweet bekannt und erläuterte dies:

MicroStrategy hat in Übereinstimmung mit seiner Treasury Reserve Policy ca. 2.574 Bitcoins für 50 Millionen Dollar in bar zu einem Durchschnittspreis von ca. 19.427 Dollar pro Bitcoin gekauft. Wir halten jetzt etwa 40.824 Bitcoins.

Das Unternehmen hat seinen Kunden auch indirekten Zugang zu Bitcoin-Investitionen gewährt und hat in den letzten Wochen eine Verdoppelung des Kurses seiner Aktien erlebt.

On the dissonance between German and European cryptoregulation

Crypto values vs. crypto values – On the dissonance between German and European cryptoregulation

Fachanwalt Lutz Auffenberg has specialised in the field of fintech and innovative technologies with his law firm Fin Law. In particular, block chain technology and its regulation is the focus of his work. In his guest commentary he deals with the dissonance between German and European cryptoregulation.

When the European legislator created the first piece of codified regulation in the cryptographic market in the course of its fifth anti-money laundering directive, he chose the term virtual currencies to cover Bitcoin, Litecoin and similar blockchain-based value units. When it became necessary to transpose by Bitcoin System app the requirements of the fifth anti-money laundering directive into national law, the German legislator nevertheless refrained from introducing a definition of virtual currencies into the Money Laundering Act and instead introduced its own definition into the German Banking Act (KWG) with the term „crypto values“, which was intended to cover as many block-chain phenomena as possible.

In Germany, crypt values have therefore been financial instruments under the KWG since 1 January 2020. They are defined as digital representations of a value that has not been issued or guaranteed by any central bank or public authority and does not have the legal status of a currency or money, but is accepted by natural or legal persons as a means of exchange or payment on the basis of an agreement or actual practice or serves investment purposes and can be transferred, stored and traded electronically. The German legislator has exempted from its definition e-money instruments as well as digital means of payment which can only be used in limited ecosystems. Germany thus followed an independent path that was not exactly conducive to harmonising European cryptoregulation.
EU Commission takes up the concept of cryptographic values in the draft MiCA Regulation

With its publication of the Pact for the Digitalisation of the Financial Market in September 2020, the EU Commission also presented a draft for a uniform, Europe-wide regulation of the cryptomarket. With the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA), the Commission wants to ensure uniform licensing requirements for crypto-related business models within the Union and, beyond that, appropriate regulation of the creation and supply of cryptook and stable coins.

The MiCA Regulation would be directly applicable to all market participants within the European Union and would not have to be transposed into national law to take legal effect, as is the case with directives. For the purposes of the MiCA Regulation, the EU Commission also proposed a definition of the term cryptographic values. However, the definition differs considerably from the term which the German legislator had just included in the KWG at the beginning of the year.

According to MiCa, crypt values would be digital representations of values or rights that can be electronically transmitted and stored using distributed ledger technology or a similar technology. In addition to the term „crypto value“, MiCA would also provide a definition of the term „distributed ledger technology“ and, according to the current draft, create subcategories of crypto values. These subcategories would be value-referencing tokens, e-money tokens, utility tokens and other crypto-values. The MiCA draft also provides for definitions for the first three forms of appearance.

Differences between the definitions of cryptographic values of the KWG and the MiCA draft?

Even at first glance, the definitions differ considerably in length. While the MiCA definition makes use of further sub-definitions depending on the concrete design of the crypt value, the German solution tries to formulate a uniform definition for all forms of appearance. However, the approaches are also different in terms of content.

For example, the reference in the German definition to a missing issue by publicly legitimised bodies such as a central bank and furthermore to a potential use as a means of payment or investment vehicle is missing in the proposal of the MiCA regulation. The latter result rather from the concretising sub-definitions.

The European solution therefore appears superior to the German legal solution. It is much better suited to the special features and the variety of possible uses of distributed ledger technologies. In contrast, the German legislator will probably have to abandon its special path in cryptoregulation in the near future.

SkyBridge registers Bitcoin hedge funds with SEC

The investment company of hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci has filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for approval of a Bitcoin hedge fund. The minimum investment is said to be $ 50,000 and only accessible to accredited investors.

Like from a form from the SECon December 21st, the multi-billion hedge fund „SkyBridge Capital“ has filed an application for approval of a Bitcoin fund with the American SEC. „SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP“ and „SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund GP LLC“ are specified as the reference person as the issuer. The fund is intended to be classified as a hedge fund. Since Anthony Scaramucci’s company has kept silent about the investment volume, no conclusions can yet be drawn about the size of the fund. However, it is known that the minimum amount for investors should amount to 50,000 US dollars. Furthermore, only accredited investors can invest in the fund.

To the crypto compass magazine

The first reports of the approval of a Bitcoin fund came in mid-November. SkyBridge thus follows the lead wolf Grayscale. Just recently, the financial company Guggenheim invested in digital gold through the world’s largest Bitcoin fund, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The Bitcoin Fund now holds Bitcoin worth over ten billion US dollars. BTC is by far the most important asset in Grayscale’s crypto portfolio, which recently posted a new record high of $ 13 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Bitcoin funds also in Germany

In Germany, a new venture capital fund is trying to financially support crypto companies. The early stage crypto VC of Greenfield One , based in Berlin, is launching its second fund with a target volume of 50 million euros in a first closing. The main focus of the second fund is on the blockchain networks and development teams of the mainly European teams. The first Greenfield One fund was launched in early 2019. Since then, the VC fund has invested in various early-stage startups.

Adoção de criptografia: escala de cinza para relançar o anúncio „drop gold“

Escala de cinza para usar anúncio “drop gold” para impulsionar a adoção de criptografia.

A campanha publicitária visa influenciar os investidores a lançar ouro para Bitcoin

O CEO da Grayscale, Barry Silbert, anuncia em um tweet que sua empresa trará de volta um anúncio Bitcoin que causou algumas polêmicas. A campanha publicitária é popularmente conhecida como “drop gold”.

A empresa decidiu trazer de volta este anúncio para aproveitar o impulso que o preço do Bitcoin ganhou recentemente. O preço do Bitcoin atualmente tem o potencial de chegar ao seu ponto mais alto.

De acordo com o CEO, o anúncio seria veiculado em todas as grandes redes dos Estados Unidos. Espera-se que a campanha publicitária seja capaz de impulsionar a adoção de criptas no país.

O anúncio basicamente pede aos investidores que escolham investimentos em Bitcoin em vez de investimentos em ouro. De acordo com a cópia do anúncio, a palavra está se tornando digital e, como tal, os investidores deveriam colocar seu dinheiro em moedas digitais como o Bitcoin .

A cópia do anúncio passou a declarar algumas características do Bitcoin. Segundo o anúncio, o Bitcoin é mais seguro, pode ser usado para fazer transações internacionais e tem utilidade.

Este anúncio foi exibido pela última vez quando o Bitcoin valia apenas $ 5.000. Desde então, o valor da criptomoeda triplicou e houve melhorias na adoção da criptografia.

Instituições que lideram a adoção de criptografia

Ao contrário de antes, diferentes instituições começaram a adotar as criptomoedas como meio de armazenar valor e riqueza.

A Microstrategy comprou recentemente mais de 2.000 BTC para continuar em seu avanço na adoção de criptografia. O CEO da empresa de tecnologia disse que a empresa não encerraria seus investimentos em Bitcoin tão cedo.

Outras empresas como a Square também adotaram a criptomoeda. 1% do ativo total da Square está em Bitcoin. A empresa também observou que a moeda digital é o futuro das transações financeiras no mundo.

A entrada do PayPal em campo foi saudada por muitos entusiastas da criptografia porque tem o potencial de levar a uma maior adoção da criptografia por particulares.

Doers instead of representatives

Instead of talking to the usual suspects and brightly colored dogs, i.e. well-known investors, advocates and thought leaders, in this documentary you let many of those who have not been the first to be associated with Bitcoin in the public perception have their say. But they are entitled to this because they are the ones who have been dealing with it for years and sometimes decades, working on its implementation and helping to shape the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Somewhat men-heavy, but still great in terms of content. The interview partner

The good half an hour offers new, interesting insights into the history of Crypto Bull, among other things.

From the film description :

„The documentary The Digital Rush is about interviewing key figures in the bitcoin ecosystem and documenting the community and its events. A proper representation of the bitcoin proposition will be provided: cypherpunk movement, technological choices, monetary impact and cultural relevance, etc. It will emphasize the emergence of bitcoin as digital gold.

Aimed at a non-technical audience, the documentary will explain bitcoin using the words of its community members; their advanced (often geeky) technical comments will be properly framed between plain informative segments providing a gradual educational path.„

Bitcoin’s progress is also evident here

All in all, a very interesting and demanding documentary also – or maybe even especially – for those who already know a bit more about Bitcoin. You can overlook the fact that with the music here and there, a little courage to less is more would have been good.

What is also definitely noteworthy and is shown by the recorded Bitcoin explanation clip from tens of years ago: How professional, mature, in-depth, serious and serious today’s Bitcoin explanation films (and thus also the perception of Bitcoin) have become .

Research: Bitcoin charts are currently reflecting earlier epic bull runs

Bitcoin charts reflect previous bull runs

Bitcoin has experienced a strong rally in recent days, rising from $11,200 to highs of $13,100.
Nautilus Research believes that Bitcoin’s chart forms patterns and signals that were last seen before previous exponential bull runs.
Others also believe that Bitcoin Superstar will soon experience an exponential rally.
Others who expect Bitcoin to grow strongly in the coming years include Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager, and Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International.

Bitcoin could experience an exponential rally

Bitcoin has experienced a strong rally in the last few days. Coin has managed to move from the $11,200 lows of just seven days ago to a price of $13,100 at the time of writing.

Despite this strong upward movement, the rally was little more than a small twitch in the charts. Nevertheless, Nautilus Research, an independent research boutique that serves institutional investors, believes that Bitcoin’s chart is forming patterns and signals that were last seen before previous exponential bullish movements.

„Bitcoin reflects patterns that occurred prior to earlier major outbreaks.

According to the chart, as in previous cycles, BTC corrected over 80% of the cycle highs and then consolidated for over a year. Should history repeat itself, the crypto currency will soon experience an exponential rally that will take it above its previous all-time high.
Chart of BTC’s price development since 2010 with an analysis by an independent research institute for institutional investors, Nautilus Research

Others also see it this way

He is not the only one who believes Bitcoin will soon experience an exponential rally. Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision and former head of hedge fund sales at Goldman Sachs, recently said that an exponential rally is likely due to growing institutional influence:

„Just from what I know of all the institutions, of all the people I talk to, there is an enormous money wall into which money is flowing. It is a huge money wall – only the pipes are not there yet for people to do it, and that is yet to come. But it’s on everybody’s radar, and there are a lot of smart people working on it.“

Pal even believes the crypto currency could reach $1,000,000 in this market cycle.

On his point, Stone Ridge Asset Management just announced that the company owns 10,000 BTC. In addition, MicroStrategy and Square have included large amounts of the crypto currency on their balance sheets, further supporting Pal’s view.

Others who expect Bitcoin to grow much higher in the coming years include Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire hedge fund manager, and Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International.


Dark chart pattern shows: Bitcoin is poised to crash towards $ 9,500

Bitcoin (BTC) is the strongest and most secure network in the world. Due to its encryption and decentralization, Bitcoin cannot be hacked. The picture shows a safe lock with a Bitcoin in the middle.

Does Bitcoin have the potential to redistribute power? And if so, what are the consequences of such a force? In this article, we look at the statements made by billionaire and investor Chamath Palihapitiya. In an interview with CNBC, he spoke about the potential of BTCs to change existing structures and the associated effects.

Bitcoin and the distribution of wealth

As mentioned in the introduction, we refer to a recent interview from CNBC’s Squawk Box with Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya.

Chamath Palihapitiya is well known in the USA and has already been involved in many well-known companies such as Facebook, Slack or Yammer – through investments or in high management positions. In the past, the billionaire showed his keen sense for innovative companies several times.

At the same time, the Social Capital CEO repeatedly expressed himself pro-Bitcoin and underlined the potential of the oldest cryptocurrency. In the current interview, Palihapitiya said that BTC has become a enormous redistribution of wealth and wealth could lead.

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It is always interesting to get insights from billionaires. How do wealthy people invest and what principle do they use?

Palihapitiya has now announced that he will continue to increase his Bitcoin inventory on favorable occasions, such as in March this year. After the billionaire has been actively investing in BTC since 2013, he is still convinced of its concept and continues to accumulate Bitcoin diligently.

Palihapitiya made an exciting statement about his investment recommendation. He said that you should hold Bitcoin and at the same time hope that you never really need it.

He justifies this with the chaos that could arise if the world actually falls back on Bitcoin in its entirety because other currencies have failed.

And I honestly hope that you will never need all of your Bitcoin. Because then we would probably be in a chaotic state. If it did happen, we would see an enormous distribution of power and wealth.

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Stratis (STRAT) falls back into his fork after a failed advance

STRAT trades in a range of 3,400 to 6,000 satoshis.

Price follows a descending resistance line and faces resistance at the 200 day moving average.

Technical indicators are uncertain

The Crypto Profit review is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.
The course Stratis (STRAT) relapsed into its previous trading range after the first exceeded.

There are no clear signs that the price will exceed it, or come down from this range. Consolidation therefore turns out to be the most plausible scenario.

STRAT exchange range

The STRAT price has been moving within a range of 3,400 to 6,000 satoshis since the beginning of August 2019. It seems that it broke a resistance zone at the beginning of July, when it reached a peak at 8,050 satoshis. Since then, that said, it has passed under this area.

Technical indicators are bearish. The MACD, RSI and Stochastic Oscillator are all in decline, and the oscillator is currently on the verge of forming a bearish cross.

Despite yesterday’s bullish Doji candlestick, price has yet to show clear signs of a turnaround in the weekly timescale. Doji candles are usually a sign of indecision, but can also be seen as bullish knowing that in this case, they arose as a result of a downtrend.

Cryptocurrency trader @CryptoCapo_ pointed out a STRAT / ADA fractal, suggesting that the price of STRAT could act in a similar way to ADA. He thus projects a peak of 29,000 satoshis.

The daily timescale shows that the price is currently facing a confluence of resistance, formed by the following elements:

As with the weekly timescale, technical indicators are uncertain. The MACD is up, but the RSI is falling and the Stochastic Oscillator has yet to form a bullish cross.

Knowing that there is no clear sign of movement in one direction or another, the most plausible option would be consolidation in the long term range. A rise similar to that of the ADA therefore seems unlikely.

In conclusion, the price of STRAT should continue to move within its long-term trading range, located between 3,400 and 6,000 satoshis.